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Disability Insurance

You insure your homes, cars, boats, jet skis, guns and everything your income can buy.

Why not insure your ability to produce income? What would happen to your home, cars and lifestyle if you could not work? How would the payments be made?

Most individuals don't have disability income protection because they don't understand or have not been informed of their options. Some people may have disability through their work....

BUT, what would happen if your employment ends or if the company was sold? You need to have your own policy in place that you have control of to insure that your needs are taken care of.

Premier has several different disability income protection products available.

We have American Heritage/Allstate Accident policies that will cover farmers or other self employed individuals 24/7. This policy also offers disability for maternity for women! We have several companies that offer disability coverage as a rider on a life policy. This is an advantage to customers who are in a higher risk of disability occupation, such as construction workers, truck drivers etc. The policy is based on health class rating instead of occupation rating and the rates are very affordable!

Ask your Premier agent how we can provide coverage for all of your needs!

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