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Health & Life Insurance Protection:
General Programs & Employee Benefits

PREMIER INSURANCE SERVICES has a broad selection of policies from many of the best insurance companies in the United States to help keep your business protected.

Coverage Available:

insurance Term Life (Level premiums for periods from 5 to 30 years)
insurance Term Life (Level premiums for periods from 5 to 30 years)
insurance Term Life with ROP* (Pays all your premium back after a specific # of years 5 to 30)
insurance Mortgage Term Life (Pays off your mortgage so you can keep your home)
insurance Universal Life (Permanent Life Policy with flexible premiums & coverage)
insurance Whole Life (Permanent Life Policy with level premiums)

Options Available:

insurance Disability income (pays you monthly when you are disabled)
insurance Childrens Rider (includes coverage for all children with one low fee)
insurance Spouse Rider (provides coverage for two people on one policy)
insurance Waiver of Premium (pays your life insurance premium when you are disabled)
insurance Accidental Death (pays double if you are killed in an accident)
insurance R.O.P. (Return Of Premium - Pays your premiums back)

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Fax: 262-884-7509
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