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Why Premier Auto & Home Insurance?

Our commitment begins with the very best company and coverage. Your agent will take care of all of your future needs which includes vehicle and property changes, help with claims and period reviews to ensure your coverage stays current.

Our approach is to first provide needed protection to help you ensure that necessary coverage is in place when a personal catastrophe occurs. The most important service we provide is to help you select the level of coverage you need.

Needed Protection

If your home or vehicle is destroyed, you want to receive a check at the earliest possible date so you can replace your home or vehicle.

If the loss is to your home, you also need money for temporary housing and additional living costs. Your personal property, which includes clothes and furniture, may need to be replaced, cleaned or repaired depending on the severity of your loss.

If your home or vehicle is damaged by an insured loss, you want it repaired at the earliest possible date from a contractor, "yours or one you are comfortable working with."

Additional coverages we include or offer as options:

  • Original Equipment Parts instead of used parts or after market parts

  • Loan Gap and Lease Gap protection if your vehicle is destroyed

  • Accident forgiveness on the first accident

  • Towing & rental car coverage when your vehicle is in for insured repairs

  • New Vehicle replacement when your vehicle is damaged beyond repair

  • Guaranteed replacement on your home to protect you when material and labor costs increase unexpectedly to values far beyond your policy limits

  • Replacement cost coverage on your personal property

  • Identity theft, broadened money & securities protection

  • Flood, earthquake, backup of sewer and drains

  • Blanket jewelry, expanded gun & / or collectibles protection


If your home is destroyed you want a check to build back a new home. You expect that check to be enough.

  • We have a broad selection of top insurance companies to choose from. We help you select the very best plans that fit your needs and provide you appropriate coverage with a competitive price.

  • Our professional agents are not just here to provide you a quote. They have, on average, more than 10 years experience and continually update their education and skills to help you make a good buying decision.

  • When you have a claim or need customer service, you can contact Premier 24 hours per day 7 days per week. One of our agents will be available to help you.

  • We work hard to earn your business every year by helping keep your rates down and by reviewing your coverage.

  • If you have a catastrophe, Premier can speed your claim with our emergency service.

Premier provides outstanding value; give us a chance and you will not be disappointed. Price is important, but also having the right policy to cover your claim.

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